Cervical Dysfunction Part 2/5: Cervicogenic Headache – Manual Therapy & The Mulligan Concept

Cervicogenic headaches (CGH) can be a common presenting condition for physiotherapy treatment. Clinical experience backed by robust research evidence shows that CGH headaches can be effectively treated by manual therapy procedures.

This webinar will review the principles and application of Mulligan Concept techniques to manage CGH. This webinar will overview the clinical diagnosis of CGH, and describe the application Mulligan Concept treatment techniques for CGH management; therapist and self-treatment techniques will be presented.


Presentation Outline

10 min – Presentation of objectives, and information related to clinical characteristics of CGH headaches and the principles of the Mulligan Concept.

10 min – Clinical test for CGH

20 min – Mulligan Concept techniques for the management of CGH; SNAGs, Reverse SNAGs.

10min  Self Treatment techniques

10 min – Conclusions, Q & A