Current Nutrition Myths and Diets

Presented by: Ashleigh Brunner, Accredited Dietician & Sports Nutritionist

Ashleigh is an experienced Dietician, Sports Dietician and the Business Owner of Body Fusion. She has previously presented for World Health Webinars on Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition. As a Dietician her desire is to help clients discover how a balanced diet can prevent & tret chronic disease and promote longevity.

In addition to a business owner Ashleigh works with Gymnastic NSW and is employed with NSW Institute of Sports (NSWIS to) support athletes to optimise their nutrition with the benefit of improving athletic performance.

Ashleigh specialises in private practice consulting & believes in an individualised approach for her clients. She is also a qualified yoga instructor.

Presentation summary:

Ashleigh will explain the reasons why we can get so confused about nutrition information presented to us by mainstream media and ways instead we can look to get the right information. She will explore current trends like coconut oil, the pros & cons of the Ketogenic & Intermittent Fasting diets which have become so popular.

Ashleigh will also discuss the movement towards plant-based diets, their positives but also the risks of not been expertly guided through these choices.

Presentation outline:

10min Intro & How to evaluate nutrition research

10min: Intermittenst fast: Pros & Cons

10min: Paleo vs. Ketogenic Diet

5min: The real science behind Coconut oil

10min: The Plant Based Diet

10min: The Detox Diet


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