Anti-inflammatory Nutrition

Presented by: Ashleigh Brunner, Accredited Dietitian & Sports Dietitian

Ashleigh is an experienced Dietitian, Sports Dietitian & the owner of Body Fusion clinics in Sydney. As a Dietitian her desire is to help clients discover how a balanced diet can prevent and treat chronic disease, promote longevity and positively influence energy and concentration levels.

Ashleigh also works for Gymnastics NSW and is currently employed with the NSW Institute of Sports (NSWIS) to support athletes in Canoe Sprint, Diving, Hockey, Rowing & Winter Sports to optimise their nutrition. She is also a qualified Yoga Instructor

In the past Ashleigh has worked as a Clinical Dietitian in Osteoarthritis alongside renowned Rheumatologist, David Hunter, and an allied health team to guide participants to eat optimally to help reduce their pain & improve mobility. 

Presentation summary:

Ashleigh explains how inflammation can impact negatively on joint mobility & pain, recovery from exercise & chronic disease risk. This presentation will explore the main contributors to inflammation, specifically from a dietary perspective. Ashleigh shares with us the latest research behind the latest foods & supplements that can reduce inflammation in the body. Ashleigh will also describe the role of a Dietitian in assisting with weight loss & when it is best to refer or collaborate with other medical colleagues. 

Presentation outline:

10min - Course content, information relating to inflammation

10min - Foods & beverages which contribute to inflammation

15min - Foods that assist in reducing inflammation

10min - Supplements & Inflammation

5min - A Dietitian's role in asssting weight loss & when to refer on


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